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With a Category I license we cater to Domestic and EXIM Rail Freight services pan India, customised to suit your business needs.

Dedicated rakes:

Arshiya's customized rail freight solutions allow you to efficiently ply large cargo between terminals, hubs and warehouses, based on fixed commitment volumes. With dedicated rakes, you can stay completely in control of when the cargo leaves, and when it reaches its destination.

So now, it is like a chartered plane, because when you book the full capacity, it flies as per your schedule, not ours!

Fixed Schedule Services:

A point-to-point 'fixed' schedule rail freight service which offers phenomenal benefits when you have light loads, but still want predictable departure. Connecting major metro cities to the country's manufacturing hub in NCR & North India, the service operates on a fixed departure and arrival schedule. How is that for efficiency and control?

One of our first and India's largest private Rail terminal in Khurja (Near New Delhi in the state of Uttar Pradesh), is located at the confluence of the proposed Western and Eastern dedicated freight corridors. It spans 50 acres with 6 rail lines. It is co-located with our second Free Trade & Warehousing Zone (FTWZ) spanning 135 acres and Industrial & Distribution Hub spanning 130 acres.