Free Trade & Warehousing Zones (FTWZ)
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What was once the preserve of Dubai and Singapore in this region, is now available in two locations in India - Sai Village, Panvel near Mumbai and Khurja, Uttar Pradesh, near New Delhi. Deemed foreign territory, our FTWZs have their own 24 X 7 customs clearance and offer a rich slew of benefits and advantages for imports,exports and re-exports. Replete with customized warehousing and equipped to deliver a host of value optimization services, they offer unprecedented value that many MNCs and Indian companies are availing. Moreover, with carefully chosen strategic locations,they are integrated with Arshiya's unified supply chain infrastructure for optimizing supply chain efficiencies. The FTWZ near Mumbai, the very first in India, sprawls 165 acres and is located 24 kms from Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust and the one in Khurja near New Delhi is 135 acres and is co located with an Industrial & Distribution hub, Rail terminal and Pan India Rail Freight service. This mega complex is 315 acres of world class infrastructure and is located at the confluence of the proposed western and eastern freight corridors. Clients will vouch for the facilities which offer an amazing range of benefits that apply uniquely to various industry groups Using state of the art equipment, and managed efficiently with appropriate IT solutions,efficiency and visibility are two core constituents of our solutions. Allowing clients to leverage India's cost and skill arbitrage, these hubs offer unparalleled business advantages in this part of the world.