Dear FTWZ Users, Date: 26th August 2013

This is with reference to clearance of goods from Arshiya FTWZ under Notification No.45/2005-Cus dated 16.05.2005 and subsequently amended vide Notification No.18/2011-Cus dated 01.03.2011

The SAD exemption is applicable while clearance of goods from FTWZ subject to compliances. Further as per undertaking furnished by DTA importer, while clearance of goods from FTWZ, the said undertaking should be closed within specified period by submitting CA Certificate, Invoices, Vat paid Challan copies, etc., as per Undertaking given by DTA importer. In case, goods are not sold within the stipulated time frame, extension should be taken from the DC, SEEPZ / Specified Officer. It must be ensured that all compliance are to be adhered as per draft undertaking.

Attention is also drawn to the Advance Ruling No. AAR/Cus/01/2013 dated 27.05.2013 of M/s.GE India Industrial Private Limited. It may be pertinent to note here that the said Advance Ruling is applicable to M/s. GE India Industrial Private Limited only, however, Client who wish may apply for such Advance Ruling under Notification No.45/2005-Cus dated 16.05.2005 with the competent authority.

Arshiya is committed for its continued support, but do not take any responsibility with respect to non-compliances and wrong claimant of any exemptions from its FTWZ.

Government Notifications, Orders, Exemptions, etc., are subject to change and are sometimes applied on a subjective basis. Arshiya does not take any responsibility or liability if any client does not get the benefit of any Government Notification, Order or Exemption and it is for the client to pursue the same with the concerned governmental authorities.

Arshiya FTWZ